Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Blaine's Paint Splat Titles

Preview Paint Splat TitlesI had a request in the forums for titles on top of paint splats. Here's a sample video to help you visualize the titles.

Note: These titles will work in WMM 2.1 (XP) and WMM 6.0 (Vista/Win7). I've provided XML for both versions in the installers.

There are two installers depending on whether you are running on a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. The installer will put the necessary files into, C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared.
Blaine's Paint Splat Titles (32-bit)
Blaine's Paint Splat Titles (64-bit)
There are 4 different colored paint splats. To use one of the new titles:
Go to 'Tools' > 'Titles and Credits' > 'Title on the selected clip'.
Type your text in the first box.
Click on 'change the title animation'.
Under your list of one line titles, find the new animation in the desired color:

  • Paint Splat (Blue)
  • Paint Splat (Green)
  • Paint Splat (Purple)
  • Paint Splat (Red)

  • As with other titles, you can change the font and other styling attributes. Finally, click 'Done'.
    Adjust the title duration by shrinking/stretching the rectangle on the Title Overlay track.


    1. Hi Blaine!

      You mentioned WMM 6.0 Vista. Will this work on WMM 6.0 Win7 too?

      - Aiman from Toronto.

    2. AWESOME paint splat titles...

      But can we change the color of the paint splat if we copy the png into say photoshop and recolor it and save it in the same folder and by the same name?

      Thank you!

      1. If you don't want to change the name of the title, you can just replace the image with another of the same name. You could even change the look of the paint splat. Be sure to keep the transparency though.

        Alternatively, you could create other images and then add your titles into the PaintSplat.xml. Open it with Notepad, then duplicate one of the other title sections and change everything in the Title (first) line and the LogoBitmapFilename line.

        <Title name="Paint Splat (Green)" guid="Blaine's Paint Splat (Green)" iconid="13" comment="Blaine's Paint Splat (Green)">
        <Param name="Animation" value="TitleStandard"/>
        <Param name="Description" value="Places transparent logo in lower right corner"/>
        <Param name="LogoBitmapFilename" value="AddOnTFX/PaintSplatGreen.png"/>
        <Param name="LogoRect" value="0.65 0.63 0.24 0.32"/>
        <Param name="IsOneLine" value="true"/>
        <Param name="BoundingRect" value="0.55 0.71 0.44 0.16"/>
        <Param name="MaxCharacterCount" value="32"/>
        <Param name="ShadowOutline" value="Outline"/>

    3. Thanks so much Blaine for the file for the old Moviemaker. I was able to split a movie just the way I wanted to. Hurray!