Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Upgrading to Windows 10 - Is there an update to Movie Maker?

The short answer is "no". Movie Maker was provided as part of Windows Essentials 2012. As you might have guessed from the version number (2012), there have been no updates to the program in a few years. And, unfortunately there are no announced plans by Microsoft to change this for Windows 10. If you want the Windows Essentials version of Movie Maker, you will continue using Movie Maker 2012. The good news is it still works the same as before and seems unaffected by the upgrade to Windows 10.

For those of you that are still enjoying the classic version of Windows Movie Maker 6.0, be aware that Microsoft will rebuild your C:\Program Files\ folder. The contents will be backed up in C:\Windows.old\Program Files\ but that means that Windows Movie Maker 6.0 will seem to disappear. One fix for this is to just reinstall WMM 6.0. This might be the best approach since it will ensure that everything gets added to the registry correctly. This would also require you to reinstall any custom transitions, effects and titles you may have installed, including ShaderTFX. Alternatively, you may just want to copy the Movie Maker folder from C:\Windows.old\Program Files\Movie Maker into C:\Program Files\Movie Maker.