Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Windows Movie Maker 2.x - Transition Icons

If you are creating custom transitions in Windows Movie Maker 2.x, you need to specify an icon number. Rather than guessing, you can use the following images to figure out which of the standard 92 icons (0 through 91) you want to use. Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.
Transition Icons 00-11Transition Icons 0-11
Transition Icons 12-23Transition Icons 12-23
Transition Icons 24-35Transition Icons 24-35
Transition Icons 36-47Transition Icons 36-47
Transition Icons 48-59Transition Icons 48-59
Transition Icons 60-71Transition Icons 60-71
Transition Icons 72-83Transition Icons 72-83
Transition Icons 84-91Transition Icons 84-91


  1. there are some transitions in this example which are not present in my movie maker, such as 0 and 1.

    how can I install them?

  2. Take a look at this post on the Windows Movie Makers forums regarding 34 custom transitions.

  3. but wont it replace the already wxcisted effects???

  4. No, it won't replace any of the existing transitions... it will only add new transitions and it will use some of the "hidden" icons that are within WMM.

  5. your the awesomest person to set up this site

  6. See the link above for "34 custom transitions". These are just the *icons* that are in Windows XP Movie Maker, not the actual transitions. For that you need to read the post.

  7. Blaine, thanks a million for all your posts! I'm learning a lot from you. I'd like to have a set of MM transion icons in RED numbered from 100 - 191 for my modified versions. I'm just starting out and C++ is way over my head at this stage. Is this something that you could help me with? I'd need specifics on downloading them, i.e. what folder to copy them to.
    Thanks, Matt