Sunday, December 16, 2007

Custom 'Directed By' Title

'Directed By' Video SampleThere was a request on the forums for a two-line title where the first line was smaller than the second and where the spacing was a little tighter. This would work well for a series of credits at the beginning or end of your movie.

Take a look at the video and if that is something you would like, click through to the post on Adding a Custom "Directed By" Title to Windows Movie Maker. Incidentally there are versions for either XP or Vista.


  1. ok, for some reason I've tried this numerous times and can't get the text to be two different font sizes...I have v 2.1 on XP SP2. thanks!

  2. Any idea how to do a "branding" overlay. Not sure of the actual terminology. But I want to have an image or text branding our website on any videos we produce. Here is an example... but it isn't a good example in my opinion.

  3. I tried doing your overlay. NO luck... double checked the code... picture name... everything with no luck. I am using Vista with movie maker 6.0... any ideas?

    This is the issue I am referring to:
    This was posted previously in the Windows XP thread, but I figured it was worth reposting in its own thread. If you are looking to add a logo to your video, you can do it as a custom title. All you need is an image. The best choice is an image in .png or .gif formats because they allow for transparency. Other formats will show a solid background. The following example assumes your picture is called "OverlayLogo.png".

    Copy and paste the following code into Notepad and save it in your Documents folder with the name OverlayLogo.xml. Next go to C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared. You will need to create an AddOnTFX folder here. Next copy logo image (OverlayLogo.png) and the .xml file (OverlayLogo.xml) to the AddOnTFX folder.


    And as always, you need to restart Movie Maker before you will see this new title. To use it, go to Tools > Titles and Credits. Choose to place the title on the selected clip. Choose "Overlay, Logo/Watermark" for the animation. If you want text, type it in, otherwise type a space. After you click 'Done' it will appear on your video. You'll probably need to go to the 'Title Overlay' track to extend the duration of the title so it lasts for as long as you need it.

    Troubleshooting: If you don't see your logo (e.g. see black instead) it means you didn't correctly place your image in the AddOnTFX folder or the name doesn't match the one listed in the XML. If you don't see the animation at all, it means you didn't correctly save the .xml file in the AddOnTFX folder.

  4. R, please add a reply to the forum thread on Creating a Custom Logo/Watermark Overlay in Vista so I can help diagnose the problem. It's too hard to do here in the comments of my blog.

  5. i am always having trubble! help! i do not know where i can download this! where the download link?

  6. Blaine,
    Is it possible to create a title that would have speed control? Meaning I can control how fast the title scrolls across screen. The CNNticker works great for me other than I need it to go faster.

    This is what I am using it for. We are creating some infomercials that run on TVs in public areas like doctor office and eateries, some locatons it is not appropriate to havethe audio turned up. So I want to create my own "closed caption" text on the video clip. In trials using the CNNticker we need more text at a faster rate than the CNNticker travels across the screen....What are your thoughts?? Thanks

  7. Wild Wild West, you don't need a special title for that. You just need to modify the duration.

    First, for those that don't have it, here are the instructions for the custom CNN Ticker Title.

    You apply it as a normal one-line title to the selected clip. Now to speed it up, go to the Title Overlay track and just shorten the duration by dragging the end of the title to make it shorter. That will mean it shows the same title in less time, hence it will scroll faster.

  8. It's should be under you Movie Maker program (C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX)

    Are you on a 64-bit version of Windows by any chance? What version of Windows are you running? What version of Movie Maker are you running?