Thursday, April 17, 2008

High-definition (HDV) editing in Movie Maker works again

Canon HV20I meant to post earlier that I was able to resolve my issues regarding editing of HDV video. I still don't know why the problem occurred, but I have a fix. After several calls and chat sessions with the Windows Vista SP1 Support group I found that loading the FFDShow codec fixed the problem. I can again see my HDV video (in dvr-ms format) and can edit it in Movie Maker.

Something about the steps still leaves a weird taste in my mouth because this did work before SP1, and the MPEG-2 codec and corresponding filters should have worked after the SP1 upgrade. Why I had to load some 3rd-party codecs for this scenario is still a little puzzling.

If I get a chance, I might restore the image from my Windows Home Server just before the SP1 upgrade and try it again... or I might just leave it alone. If it ain't broke, don't fix it... right?


  1. Blaine Thanxx for the letterboxes, black spots,etc.
    I made a truly most disturbing horror short "ode to" video.(that was rejected for extreme subject matter, thank you very much!)

    but the problem I have is this:
    I downloaded and only some work.
    Half said I need a codec to support this (I have vista basic, 64x2a,w/plenty of extra space)
    I don't know what codec they are talking about?
    I updated, looked around...i found a 9 something, but they said it wasn't for this system?
    Can you tell me what codec they mean?

    Also: effect of "And Introducing" or "Starring" and a circle or opening bars or something to insert a pic so you can put it in the beginning credits?
    The opening circle one we get is lame.

    And a keyhole view that goes in, not out, or a melting screen and melting text, like wax or blood.

    There really is no scary effects or transitions?

  2. Blaine, I created a movie maker file with our new toshiba laptop. I put in all of our slides but I also used some you tube footage I captured on the new version of firefox, converted it to avi using a flv to avi converter. Works great on screen but when I publish it to DVD it plays sound but black screen. I went on line a saw to uncheck avi decompressor, but then it hangs up at 12% and said there was an unexpected failure. Help?

  3. Hi. This is probably a pretty strange request... I found your blog while searching everywhere trying to find a way to censor a baby bath video clip I want to include in a video I am making for our son's 1st birthday. I tried downloading LightSaber Maker and VirtualDub, but am about to pull my hair out! I am not very computer savvy and these don't seem very user friendly to the wanna-be-but-not-at-all computer person. :) Just wondering, do you or anyone you know edit short clips for others? The clip is only about 30 seconds but in order to use it I would need our kids "private parts" blurred or covered. If you can offer any help I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! Any advice, my email is Thank You!

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