Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blaine's Custom Cartoon Effects

Blaine's Cartoon EffectsThe following effects can be used to give your photos and videos a cartoon look. There are 3 different "cartoonify" effects plus an additional "half tone" effect which can be applied as well. These effects work with Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (either under Vista or Windows 7).

To see an example of the effects, check out the Sample Video of Blaine's Cartoon Effects

To install the Cartoon Effects into Windows Movie Maker, you have a choice of installers depending on whether you are running WMM 6.0 on a 64-bit or 32-bit version of Windows. Pick the correct installer and it will put the necessary files into C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared.

Windows Movie Maker 6.0:
Blaine's Cartoon Effects (64-bit) Installer
Blaine's Cartoon Effects (32-bit) Installer

After restarting Windows Movie Maker, you should have 4 new Cartoonify effects with corresponding icons:
  • Cartoonify, #1 through #3 - The colors are flattened and edges are highlighted in black.

  • Cartoonify, Half Tone - This gives an additional effect similar to a comic book printing

  • For a clip or image, pick one of the 3 cartoonify effects (#1, #2 or #3). If you like the half tone effect, apply that next to the same clip. Sometimes you may find that you need to brighten the clip or add a little blurring first. Play around with the effects until you get something you like.

    *Note: These transitions require the architecture of WMM 6.0 and can't be made to work on versions 2.6 or earlier.


    1. hi you say it do not work with WLMM but does it with WMM6.1 as it does with 6.0?

    2. @kitcreation, there is no such thing as WMM6.1. Version 6.1 is the internal version number of the operating system, namely Windows 7. If you choose Help > About and look toward the bottom, you should see the actual version of Windows Movie Maker. Find out if you have 2.1, 2.6 or 6.0 loaded.

      If you have 2.1 or 2.6, that's an XP version of Movie Maker and these won't work on that.
      If you have 6.0, that's the Vista version of Movie Maker and these WILL work on that.

    3. i downloaded a couple of your new effects but they just show black on wmm6. i have some of your older stuff and they work fine. is there anything i can do to fix the effects?

    4. Black video -- check your graphics drivers are up to date. Use only .wmv video clips. Test with .jpg images to see if that works or not.

    5. ummm I downloaded this and installed but the effects aren't in Movie Maker. I have WMM 6.0 on windows 7 64-bit help please.... Your effect looks really awesome.

    6. @Anthony, do you not see the effects at all? Can you confirm that Movie Maker is in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\MOVIEMK.EXE? Also, look in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared to see if you have BlaineCartoon.fx. Finally check C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX for BlaineCartoon.xml and .dll

      1. Hi! I have the same problem. I cant use your effects in WNM, simply cant find it, like I didnt downloaded it at all.

      2. @Milica,

        More details please:
        1) Please confirm you are running WMM 6.0
        2) What prompts did you see during install?
        3) Did you check the folders noted above?
        4) Do you see this listed under installed programs in your control panel?
        5) Are you on Windows Vista or Windows 7?
        6) Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version?

    7. Hi Blaine,

      I have Windows 7 64 bit. I used the 64 bit installer. When I openened WMM I could not find them. Then I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Movie Maker\Shared and copied the file to C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared & the same with the 2 files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX and now it is working.

    8. @Pepe, thanks for letting me know. I confirmed today that the installer is putting it in the 32-bit folder. I'm going to have to check my recent installers and figure out what is wrong. Until then, thanks for explaining the workaround.

    9. @Blaine: you are welcome. With the workaround everything is working fine:) Have nice week!!!
      And THANKS for all the beautiful effects etc you have made!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

    10. Hello, Blaine. My 12dd loves creating videos. She downloaded your cartoonifier effects to a file on our computer, but doesn't know how to go from here. This is the first thing she's ever downloaded for WMM, so she (and I) are absolute beginners. Do you have tuts for beginners?

    11. @annawhocropsalot, you should be able to apply these like any other effects; look under Tools > Effects. Drag the selected effect on top of your clip/picture in the timeline.

      For more help, check In the top right corner, there is a link to 'Tutorials'. You can also ask questions in the forum.

    12. Mine are showing up in the shared folder under windows movie maker in program files but no matter how hard I try they are not under effects in movie maker. I have the 6.0 version and have done everything you said to.

      1. Becca, is WMM 6.0 also installed in C:\Program Files\Movie Maker? Do you see a MovieMk.exe? Find the icon you use to start Movie Maker, right-click and check 'Properties'. See what it has for the "Start In" path. I suspect you are running a 32-bit version of WMM 6.0. If so, uninstall and reinstall a 64-bit version

    13. Hi! Thanks heaps for many great effects. :) I do have a big problem with two of yours though; Cartoon effects and Film Look. For some reason any movie project I put one of those effects on will generate the error message "WMM cannot publish the movie to the specified location."

      First of all:
      I've seen your other suggestions to solve this error message, but I'm afraid they don't apply to me, so I'm at a loss.
      I'm running Win 7 64-bit, MovieMaker 6.0 obviously, and my test project is simple: a 30 sec wmv-file, alone, with no other effects. Plenty of space, etc, and what's more: I have no problem publishing it with any other effects, even your own contrast and speed-effects. Soon as I put on Cartoon or Film Look however (alone or with other effects), no deal. The preview plays with sound but no image, and when I try to publish I get the error msg. If I then remove the effect and try again: no problem. I've tried with many different files and the same happens. Also checked that both the dll and xml-files are in the AddOnTFX-folder, along with all the other effects.

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong? If not, thanks anyway for a really great resource site. :)

      1. It's possible your graphics card isn't able to handle the complex effects in Cartoon and Film Looks. Please check your graphics drivers and also run dxdiag and post back any information that might be relevant. Finally, can you test these effects on a couple images (instead of video)? What is the result? If that works, are these native .wmv files or converted .wmv?

      2. No, you see what happened was that it turned out I was a moron. I suspected it all along. There was a third file of course, the .fx for each effect, that I had misplaced. The installer puts the files in a folder that doesn't relate to my Movie Maker, and I had moved the dll and xml files from there to the right one. But not the .fx ones. Now they work, no problem, thanks a lot and very sorry to have wasted your time...! :p