Monday, December 12, 2011

Blaine's Custom Transition Pack 3 (Paper Fold)

Blaine's Transition Pack 3Before the end of the year, I wanted to publish another set of transitions for Windows Movie Maker 6.0*. These are called "Paper Fold" transitions which will be obvious if you watch the Transition Pack 3 - Sample Video.

These transitions require the use of Rehan's ShaderTFX add-on. If you've never installed this before, follow the directions on his website and test they work first. If you've already installed a copy of ShaderTFX (registered or unregistered), you can skip these steps.

There are two installers depending on whether you are running WMM 6.0 on a 64-bit or 32-bit version of Windows. The installer will put the necessary files into, C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared.
Prerequisite: Rehan's ShaderTFX add-on.

Windows Movie Maker 6.0:
Blaine's Transition Pack 3 (64-bit) Installer
Blaine's Transition Pack 3 (32-bit) Installer

After restarting Windows Movie Maker, you should have 7 new Paper Fold transitions with corresponding icons. They all look like the screen is being folded down the middle and then it opens up to the new clip. The only difference between the clips is the color background that appears.

*Note: These transitions require the architecture of WMM 6.0 and can't be made to work on versions 2.6 or earlier. For anyone that wants to customize the background color, check the .xml.


  1. Hi there - I am having real trouble downloading ShaderTFX from the Regan website - the site showed up as being a security risk but even after adding it trusted sites it just will not allow me to download ShaderTFX. Is that the only place to get it because I'm desperate to use some new transitions/effects such as those on your blog. Any help would be gratefully received!


  2. Try temporarily turning off your virus scanning software. I'm not sure why his site is getting incorrectly flagged as suspicious by your software. Mine shows no problems at all.

  3. How can I change the black background to white?

    1. Start by cropping your photos to match the aspect ratio of your project. Make them all 16:9 if you want to eliminate the black. Then apply the transition with the color background that you'd like to appear during the fold transition.

  4. Hey I tried this Blaine and all the effects just dissolve. They have no animation. Any reason?

    1. You must have correctly installed Rehan's ShaderTFX first. Make sure the effects in that package are working first. Maybe you didn't install the DirectX 9 runtimes as noted on his pages?