Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Looking for Video Clips you can Composite?

There are cool things you can do in Movie Maker if you composite clips together. But first you need some cool clips, right? Well 'Neo' has collected all sorts of video clips in .wmv and .avi format that can be used directly in Movie Maker. Some of my favorites are the ones from Kathy's Clip Collection but be sure to check out the complete Clip Archive at Neo's Movie Maker Portal.


  1. Blaine,

    I just wanted to pass along my "thanks" for featuring the Clip Archive in your blog. It benefitted greatly from all your help in compiling the clips - just as all of us have benefitted from your many other contributions to the Movie Maker community.


  2. Big big thanks!!!
    Really nice that you are linking this great site, just what I needed!!
    Ps: Do you have more installpakkets??

  3. I just discovered this site or blog today and I just wanted to comment and say that I think your effects and everything are awesome i'm going to record some new videos just so I can start to play around with them. I don't know why they are free but i'm glad they are because I couldn't afford'em if they weren't, lol. I use movie maker pretty often and these will be of great assistance to me as well as some of the video clips I downloaded from one of your favorite resources. Anyway i'm writing to say all of that and also I would like to donate something to your blog, just to say "Thanks" for be so awesome! and making these things available for poor leeches like me. So where can I go to make a small donation?